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We specialise in helping you to create multiple sources of income and generational wealth. Choose from a plethora of income streams, methods to save money and tools to help you build your business.


Get on the property ladder as a first time buyer and learn how to grow a property portfolio with very little capital.

Investors, enquire about our probate properties below market value. 

TraDing & CrYPTO

Learn how to make multiple income streams through the power of online trading and exchanging. Multiply your money like the banks and grow a cryptocurrency portfolio. 


Buying and selling popular products online has been made easier through the method of Drop Shipping. Our education and tools will allow you to grow a hugely profitable business. 

Wealth club

We have a membership rewards programme that pays our members every single day. Passive income, making money whilst you are sleeping.

Sounds too good to be true? Take a look!


We will provide you with expert advice and superior customer service experience to help you find the best life, critical illness cover, income protection, private medical, home and business insurance policy for your needs and affordability.

Welcome to Amey Finance Academy

Based in the Canary Wharf Tower, London, we are a group of Wealth Creation Educators, here to help you achieve your financial goals.

We specialise in helping you to create multiple sources of income and build generational wealth. Choose from a range of income streams, explore methods to save money and utilise tools to help you build a business.

As funding and finance specialists, no one is better placed to help you reach your financial goals. Whether you are a first time buyer or looking to build a large property portfolio, join us today to turn thoughts into action.

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David Talbert

Emily Ross

We believe that NOTHING CHANGES IF NOTHING CHANGES. If you are Coachable, Committed and Consistent then you will be partnered with a mentor to help you through every step of this exciting journey.