What Is Your Why?

Every new member of the Academy can testfy that the first question they were asked when they joined was, “What is your why?”. Not a question you are asked in every day life, you would probably repeat it over a couple of times, then take a minute – or two – to think carefully about your response. Because if you have never stopped to ask yourself about your purpose, the moment you are asked the question, you realise how important it is to WHY you want to do whatever it is that you want do. It is your purpose. The thing that fuels you to get out of bed when you would rather sleep in and stay up at night. It may be your child, your need to get out of debt, the passion to leave a legacy or an inheritance for your family, or the desire to experience the finer things in life. This will ultimately be the thing that keeps you focused on the road to financial freedom.


Do Not Give Up on You



Making the decision to pursue financial freedeom, be it through residual/ passive income streams, forex trading, property investing, network marketing, etc. – all offered at the academy – is the easy part. The majority of our members are forex traders and we are proud to offer extensive teaching, tools, and trading tips to assist. We offer a copy, paste and profit service that gives out trade signals from expert traders ithout you having to spend time aalyzing the charts yourself. However, trading can be risky with the ever changing financial markets. Our leaders within the academy say that blowing a trading account is a rite of passage for any trader. Every seasoned trader can say this has happened to them more than they will like to admit but such a loss can cause a newbie to never enter a trade again. Your “why” is what will keep you from quitting and giving up. Whenever you encounter a setback or a knock to yur confidence, your “why” will motivate you to dust yourself off and try again; to put the work in to master the craft that will bring about the profits that appealed to you in the first place.

There are so many different income streams availble to you at Amey Finance and as long as you are committed, consistent and coachable, success is guaranteed.

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