About Us

We believe that NOTHING CHANGES IF NOTHING CHANGES. If you are Coachable, Committed and Consistent then you will be partnered with a mentor to help you through every step of this exciting journey.

Amey Finance Academy

Amey Finance Academy started as a commercial finance company back in 2013. Initially, supporting small to medium sized businesses to get finance and funding in order to run their businesses efficiently and to grow. It was not long before clients were requesting personal finance assistance, so the company expanded to provide residential mortgages, all types of loans and insurance/protection.

Being experts in finance, it was inevitable that the company diversified into the biggest financial market in the world, in foreign exchange. After using this industry to maximise company profits, the company made its biggest shift towards education.

Meet Our Founder

Des Amey

Hands-on wealth education

Amey Finance evolved to Amey Finance Academy as we started to teach hundreds of people how to create extra sources of income and build generational wealth through the Foreign Exchange market. We are based in the Canary Wharf Tower, London and use a mix on e-Learning and hands-on classroom based teaching in order for people to either learn how to trade or, at the very least, be able to copy and paste our highly profitable trading signals. 

Our popular breakfast club allows people to earn and learn for one hour each morning. This facilitates achieving financial goals such as buying a property or having another income stream.


Following the success of online trading, Amey finance Academy have now expand, once again, to further commit to the mission of helping thousands of people to create financial freedom. We now offer education and the tools for people to build an income from Property, Ecommerce/Drop Shipping, Travel and a Networking.