We have a mortgage for all needs and search a whole market panel of lenders to ensure you get the best rates.

Low Interest Rate Mortgage

Looking to purchase a house? Amey Finance can research the best mortgage for your circumstances. We have the skill and knowledge to process your application quickly and efficiently. 

Whether you are looking to buy privately, from the local council or if you need a Buy to Let Mortgage at a low APR interest rate, we are fast, simple and efficient.

Mortgage With a Poor or Bad Credit History

If you have had defaults or county court judgments in the past, this does not mean you cannot get a low interest rate mortgage now. If you have completed an IVA or you are a discharged bankrupt, you may still be eligible for a mortgage. Past credit problems don’t mean that you cannot get a good mortgage interest rate now.

When you are struggling financially, it is understandable that meeting your mortgage payments is going to be a big concern. Contact us for the facts. You may find that other types of mortgages suit your needs better. For example, if you have savings, you could use these to reduce your mortgage term or monthly payments. Complete the enquiry form to get a mortgage quote from a registered broker, and get your finances back on track even if;

  • You have payment defaults
  • You have had County Court Judgments (CCJ’s)
  • You have a poor credit rating
  • You have mortgage arrears
  • You are a discharged bankrupt
  • You have been in an IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement)
  • You’ve been turned down by other lenders in the past

Remortgage To Raise Finance

A remortgage can be used to pay off your existing lender and any other finance you may have. The new payments should save you money. You may wish to use the finance raised to pay off credit and store cards, car loans and other high interest rate finance, so reducing your monthly payments overall.

Why use a specialist mortgage broker?

We are genuinely independent, wholly impartial and we will offer straightforward honest advice, given freely and without obligation. Through our established Lender Partner network, we give you immediate access to over 200 UK based Banks/Lenders (including High Street, Off High Street and Private banks). Some banks/lenders only deal with Professional Brokers exclusively and many lenders have very competitive ‘intermediary only’ products that clients can only access via a broker.

Simply put, by not using a broker you cannot access the WHOLE market and could miss out on products & offers saving you huge amounts of money. All our Lending Partners have funds available to lend and are genuinely still keen to support the right proposition. Our knowledge of each lender’s lending criteria means that we can identify and recommend the right product quickly, saving you time and money. We have built up excellent relationships with our lenders’ underwriters to help progress your case through to completion successfully.

When you contact us, we will quickly assess all the available options for you and we will do everything possible to find a workable and affordable solution. Time and again we prove to our clients that we can secure funding where others fail and, in the majority of cases, our advice will save you very significant amounts of money over the course of the loan. The majority of specialist lenders in the current marketplace will only accept qualified and packaged mortgage and loan proposals from Specialist Brokers such as ourselves.